Grey’s Anatomy: the cast meet to discuss the pandemic!


Grey’s Anatomy fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel to Season 17. The cast met to talk about the Covid-19.

Grey’s Anatomy fans can’t wait to see the rest of Season 17. The cast have gathered to discuss the show and its responsibilities in the face of Covid-19. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Since Covid-19, the Grey’s Anatomy series has experienced some disruption. Indeed, the fans were very disappointed not to be able to see the last episodes of season 16. Due to the epidemic, the production had a hard time shooting the episodes and preferred to finish the season earlier than expected. . This had never been seen on the show.

Nonetheless, the showrunners were able to make amends for Season 17. The new episodes arrived later than expected, but did not disappoint fans. They got to see the first six episodes and there was no shortage of action. And for good reason, the production has chosen to stage the Covid-19.

So doctors had to deal with the epidemic in Seattle and had to treat as many patients as possible. Still, Meredith put herself in danger and ended up with the virus. Since then, she is at its worst and her condition continues to deteriorate. Nevertheless, it allowed fans to see Patrick Dempsey for a few episodes.

On top of that, the doctors have lost a lot of loved ones in Grey’s Anatomy. The series shows the impact of Covid-19, not only on healthcare staff, but also in nursing homes. The show wants to educate the public as much as possible and it seems to be working.


Chandra Wilson, Camilla Luddington, Kevin McKidd and the rest of Grey’s Anatomy cast together for Stars In The House. The opportunity for them to talk about the series, but also about Covid-19. The actors know they took risks by portraying Covid-19. Still, they don’t regret it.

“We understand the responsibility of our show and that sometimes people listen to us more than government officials or people who should know things,” the performer Bailey said. Thus, for the cast, the series could influence people to be much more careful in the face of Covid-19 and to respect the measures put in place.

For Sandra Wilson, the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy become much more “relevant and more present”, with current events making the front page in the United States. These include record rates of Covid, as well as the many deaths from the epidemic.

“We go to work every day and we really tell the stories that happen to us,” said Greg Germann, who plays Tom Koracick. So the rest of Season 17 promises to be intense and everyone is wondering if Meredith will eventually recover from the virus.


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