Grey’s Anatomy: the brutal death that shocked fans forever!


Viewers know, Grey’s Anatomy series is very hard to watch. As patients flood into the hospital, some are sure to die.

A difficult situation to live with. Not only for doctors … But also viewers. They follow with fervor the adventures of Meredith Gray and the other doctors of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

What is the most brutal death that has shocked fans of the series ever? According to Internet users, it is that of Doctor Derek Shepherd. Dr Mamour, if you prefer.

It’s in season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy that Doctor Mamour will die. A brutal death… She shocked viewers around the world. And we understand them.

The episode in question was therefore titled “How to Save a Life”. The most important male character of Grey’s Anatomy, present since the beginning, is dead.


This death comes after a tumultuous season. So his relationship with Meredith Gray was not going well already. The aficionados of the series even remember that the surgeon had to go to Washington DC. Just that.

Derek Shepherd died in a terrible car accident. A truck hit him head-on.

A tragic death that left Meredith in deep disarray. But also fans of the series. An iconic character, Derek Shepherd will have marked the history of the series forever.

In season 17, Krista Vernoff therefore decided to revive Derek Shepherd. Indeed, the latter thus shot several scenes. We see him on the beach, with Ellen Pompeo.

A scene loaded with emotion. The ABC channel had thus revealed exclusively on social networks. Derek’s death is always very hard for the actress to talk about in an interview. “Grey’s is a family. We get attached to everything. And everyone. When someone goes missing, it affects us. Obviously, it’s hard. We hang out all the time. », She revealed on Instagram.


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