Grey’s Anatomy: the best stories of the series return!


What are the favorite storylines of fans of the medical series Grey’s Anatomy? We give you more details. What are some of the favorite storylines of fans of the popular Greys Anatomy series?

Over the course of its 17 seasons, the series Grey’s Anatomy unveiled the exciting life of a group of surgeons. Between their loves, their friendship and their dramas, we loved to follow their daily life.

Thus, Grey’s Anatomy also presented us with a panoply of characters all as interesting as each other. In fact, have left their mark forever!

Their fate was not necessarily easy. Indeed, sometimes one even wonders why the writers of the series are so strenuous!

We think first of Meredith Gray obviously. But also Christina Yang or Alex Karev and Derek Sheperd! Let’s take stock of their incredible destiny.


So let’s start with Dr Mamour! The latter appears from the first episodes of the series Grey’s Anatomy. He will quickly become the darling of our heroine Meredith Gray.

He is one of the survivors of the plane crash. But this will not be without consequences. Indeed he can no longer operate.

But Derek Sheperd will leave us later in a car accident. Meredith will therefore try to rebuild herself.

She remains the heroine of Grey’s Anatomy until now. His plot was not easy either.

Between her love affair with Derek and her family tragedies, the young woman has not had it easy.

Another prominent figure in the medical series is Jo Wilson. The young woman also had difficulties in her love life.

We discover that she was married and that she was running away from her abusive husband. She will then marry Alex Karev but the latter will also leave her to find her ex Izzie.

Another outstanding figure: Arizona Robbins. The pretty blonde falls in love with Callie. With whom she will even have a child.

The youngster then lost her leg in the plane crash. The young woman then goes through a difficult phase before deciding to leave for New York. She was therefore entitled to her happy ending.


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