Grey’s Anatomy: The best and saddest loves ever


There are the best Grey’s Anatomy romances and the worst unfortunately, the best couples on the show eventually meet the fate of breakup or even something but it separates them like death.

First, there is the undeniable chemistry between Mark and Lexie. Mark tried to fight it at first, but neither could deny it for long, their relationship had its ups and downs, but it was ultimately genuine and approved by the fans.

For their part, Grey’s Anatomy fans point out that the writers may have pulled Mark from the show later because of the whole sentimental soulmate affair with Lexie, and they didn’t want to re-pair him.

Then there’s April and Jackson, who had so much potential, it was a roller coaster romance for sure. However, Grey’s Anatomy fans still scream that April and Jackson should have been the end of the game!

However, some top the charts in the most devastating separations that broke the hearts of Grey’s Anatomy fans. A notorious example has been April and Jackson which was not only a devastating romance when we saw the happy romance of this couple turn into a divorce, but the show turned it into the aftermath of the loss of a child due to a rare disease.

Likewise, we have Lexie and Mark’s separation ending in another traumatic way, they express their love for each other while Lexie is dying, nothing screams that couldn’t have been more painful.

On the other hand, let’s remember Jo and Alex, who have similar backgrounds, helping them relate on a deeper level than most, they were seemingly perfect together, and then the show breaks viewers’ hearts with their disappearance.

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Not to mention her comeback in a voiceover to say she’s back with Izzie, to say that fans were devastated by this result would be an understatement. In turn, considering the bad luck Grey’s Anatomy fans have had with happy partners in the past, it’s no surprise some are worried about Maggie and Winston.


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