Grey’s Anatomy: The actor who ruled out the possibility of returning to his role in the drama


Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running medical drama of all time on television, moves forward with its 18th season on the ABC broadcast network on Thursdays each week, as it heads to the end of the installment. So far, the series that follows Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) hasn’t killed off her characters again, but the show stunned fans by recently removing one of the lead actors from its cast.

Throughout its career, Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the most successful series of recent decades, not only for its fascinating stories loaded with a lot of drama, but also for showing on screen the wealth of stories for each of its characters. The vast majority of them fell by the wayside, while others have eventually returned with cameo appearances.

Lately, the ABC series has brought back some characters from the drama’s past, in order to delight viewers. In fact, Jackson Avery’s interpreter, Jesse Williams, who left at the end of season 17, did not rule out returning with his character at any time. Another example of this was Greg Hermann, who left with the last installment as Tom Koracick, returned to the drama as a special guest in a recent episode of the eighteenth season.

However, one of the main actors of Grey’s Anatomy who said goodbye to the drama at the end of February, stated that he does not plan to return as him to the ABC series. With the return of season 18 this year, fans were witness to the departure of Dr. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), with everyone thinking that it would be Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) who was leaving.

Medical drama fans weren’t too happy about Richard Flood’s recent departure, as he never completed the arc that was planned for Hayes on Grey’s Anatomy regarding his relationship with Meredith Grey. His character, he resigned from the hospital during the broadcast of episode 9 after feeling morally compromised by Owen Hunt’s confession to him while his life was in danger when the car he was traveling in slipped off a cliff.

The truth is that in the long-running series, the character of Richard Flood was fortunately not killed. The actor is satisfied with the way he concluded Cormac Hayes’ story when he decided to return to Ireland to be with his children. And while the character didn’t die in the series, it’s likely that his arc is completely over. The actor admitted that having three years on the show seemed right to him, as well as that his character had a natural ending.

Flood hasn’t confirmed any future plans beyond playing Dr. Hayes aka McWidow in the Grey’s Anatomy universe, and fans aren’t likely to see him in a pair of scrubs again any time soon. Flood confirmed that he is not planning to return to the ABC series.

“I’m always looking forward to seeing what else is out there and trying to stretch myself in different directions and do different kinds of TV and movies.”