Grey’s Anatomy: The 10 Most Painful Breaks in the Series


Grey’s Anatomy: We love to see the moment when a couple is together in the series, but the relationship doesn’t always last forever. When we talk about endings in series, especially the most painful ones, it’s impossible not to think about Grey’s Anatomy right away.

Among so many tragedies that happen every season, separations are certainly one of the main points. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the 10 most painful endings in the series so you can recall the pain felt while watching. Check out!

10. Meredith and DeLuca

The couple’s beginnings may have seemed sudden to fans, but it’s undeniable that seeing Meredith happy in a relationship was heartwarming. When DeLuca breaks up with her in season 16, however, everyone is left with the same thought: when will she be able to give herself over to a new love again?

9. Meredith and Derek

It doesn’t take much effort to know that our protagonist has gone through many comings and goings when it comes to romantic relationships. In Derek’s case, the couple had to go through some obstacles, like the surgeon’s ex-wife and even our protagonist’s insecurity, until they realized they were destined to be together.

8. Link and Amelia

Quickly becoming one of the most adored couples on the series, fans were looking forward to Amelia finding love again after a few bad moments and Link seemed willing to do so. However, it is at the end of season 17 and with a marriage proposal denied that they decide to go their separate ways.

7. Owen and Cristina

After break-ups, breakups and several attempts to salvage their relationship, the two parted permanently in Season 9 when they realized that their imagined future was very different for each.

6. Tom and Teddy

Even though Tom shared fan opinion with his sarcastic personality, the couple’s breakup definitely moved everyone. Seeing the dynamics of the love triangle between Owen, Teddy and Tom became increasingly conflicted, leading Dr. Koracick himself to end it all in Season 17.

5. Jo and Alex

Alex’s departure from the series alone has left many fans shaken, but the breakup with Jo only made it worse. She was battling depression when Karev left in season 16 and worst of all was seeing the relationship end with a letter, without even having a real goodbye.

4. Callie and Arizona

Despite being one of the favorite couples in the entire history of Grey’s Anatomy, their relationship ended up wearing out more and more as time went by, especially with so many bad events falling on the two, like the plane crash and the consequences that came later.

Since Season 8, things started to get complicated, but the real break didn’t happen until Season 11.

3. Izzie and Alex

While they didn’t make much sense at first with such distinct personalities, watching their relationship develop so genuinely was a unique experience, so the breakup, when it happened in Season 6, was even more painful.

It’s a breakup that left fans indignant for a long time, after all, the two were part of the original cast and had a very well-developed relationship from beginning to end.

2. Lexie and Mark

Like Izzie and Alex, these two didn’t seem to make much sense because of the arrogant versus gentle dynamic. They came to understand each other and strengthened the relationship, but they had to face many back and forth until the definitive separation, in the 8th season of Grey’s Anatomy, when both died in one of the most devastating moments of the series to date.

1. Jackson and April

Their entire relationship was marked by big events, from the moment April decided to run away from her own marriage to be with Jackson to the separation in Season 11, intensified by the death of their son, Samuel, just hours after hers. birth.

Despite having a sweet chemistry that seemed to last forever, the tragedies and all the stress that befell them both prevented one of the series’ favorite couples from continuing.


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