Grey’s Anatomy: The 10 Biggest Obstacles Meredith Faced

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith Gray (played by Ellen Pompeo) is a protagonist who has her dramatic arc very well defined in Grey’s Anatomy. Perhaps for that reason, the public knows that her journey to deal with certain roadblocks will be filled with difficult obstacles.

Over the 17 seasons of the series, the character has faced many really challenging situations. With this list, check out the ten biggest obstacles that Meredith has had to face so far!

10. Family support

Meredith has faced many difficult surgeries, but nothing seems to compare to the pain she felt growing up dealing with the difficulties of her mother, Ellis Gray (Kate Burton). She never had any kind of family support, not even from her father, Thatcher (Jeff Perry). Both neglected her because of her personal problems, which caused her great trauma.

9. Career first?

Although Meredith loved Derek (Patrick Dempsey), she knew he wanted his career to come first. But even so, the character has always sought to strive for a certain balance in her relations with the profession, even if that was difficult at times.

8. Lost your sister

At the end of season 8, the characters suffered a lot from the tragic accident that ended up taking the life of Lexie Gray (Chyler Leigh).

Meredith’s relationship with Lexie has grown a lot since the two met and, somehow, the bond that the character had with her half sister was very strong, making her death difficult to accept.

7. Lost your great love

Many characters dear to the public have left the series over the years. This is the case of the neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd, the great love of Meredith Gray’s life. She had to be very strong in order to overcome this loss and carry on with her children.

6. Her best friend left

One of the most difficult things the protagonist of the series went through was having to say goodbye to Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). The two have developed a relationship of complicity since they met and served as mutual support when they needed it most.

5. Hospital almost sold

With the departure of Lexie and Mark (Eric Dane), doctors discovered that the hospital they were working in could be sold. Thus, everyone needed to be strong and unite to get funds and have their jobs guaranteed. After the millionaire donation from the Harper Avery Foundation, the hospital was renamed Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

4. Almost lost his daughter

Meredith ended up interfering with Adele’s (Alzheimer’s Devine) Alzheimer’s test, making Derek furious. Thus, Zola’s temporary custody was lost by the couple.

The character had to face the consequences of her actions, as she was doing what was right for Adele. However, Zola ended up returning to her adoptive parents later.

3. Insecurities with new love

After Derek’s death, the series’ protagonist was still with her heart torn. Several loves arose for her, including resident Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). Although everyone contributed in some way to overcoming the loss, things seemed better with this latest novel.

2. Loss of medical license

In season 15, Meredith almost lost her medical license after being moved by the case of a little girl who had no health insurance and needed to be treated for cancer. Because she was accused of medical fraud, she had to do some community service.

This is one of the biggest obstacles she encountered on her journey, as it would mean that she would no longer be able to do the work she is so passionate about.

1. Coronavirus

Closing the list, there is the 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently being broadcast on ABC. The production has been addressing the coronavirus pandemic and has shown Meredith contracting covid-19. After being in critical condition, she traveled in her thoughts to a beach, where she met several acquaintances.

Even bringing Derek, Mark, Lexie, DeLuca and George (T.R. Knight) back, the place seemed to represent death. In this sense, it is fair to say that this is one of the greatest obstacles in her life, since she ended up being infected in her workplace.



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