Grey’s Anatomy: Still mad at Izzie’s departure!


His departure hurt the fans a lot: Izzie Stevens scored Grey’s Anatomy! Some have still not accepted … So fans will never forget him! When she was part of the first class of Grey’s Anatomy, Izzie Stevens left her colleagues in season 10 … a very hard start to digest.

Because nobody expected it. But Katherin Heigl, the actress, was starting to have roles all over the place. And especially in the cinema. We were able to see her interpret the main character of 27 dresses …

An increasingly important actress, with more and more projects: Katherin Heigl therefore had less time to devote to Grey’s Anatomy. So we had to part with Izzie Stevens, the pretty blonde too nice …

She thus leaves Alex Karev annoyed behind her. But also a dispensary in the name of his great love, Denny Ducquette… Izzie Stevens will therefore have really marked the series. And the fans remember it too.

It must also be said that Izzie is one of the only characters who never received a tribute from Grey’s Anatomy after his departure. But showrunner Krista Vernof gives Screenrant a different side of the story.


She indeed offered to say goodbye to the Karev-Stevens couple. “I wrote this episode which was beautiful,” she says. The day before I was supposed to start the settings “… But Katherin Heigl gives up.

“We got a call from Katie. She just told us she wasn’t coming anymore. “So the episode of Grey’s Anatomy is gone. “My job then was to stay awake all night to imagine another scenario. ”

A real heartbreak for the screenwriter, so … Especially since “for years and years the fans blamed us, ‘How could you?’ Well, that’s the story behind the scenes. ”

“I don’t know what prompted her to make this decision,” the showrunner calms down… But there is still a certain taste of the unfinished in Grey’s Anatomy. Not Izzie’s fault, but Katherin’s!


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