Grey’s Anatomy: Showrunner Says He Already Has Ideas For The End Of The Series


Grey’s Anatomy: In a recent interview shared by People magazine’s At Home with the Creative Coalition podcast, Krista Vernoff, showrunner for Grey’s Anatomy, commented on the numerous possibilities that the series’ finale can bring to viewers. However, the producer and screenwriter ensured that she is well prepared in case this decision is taken by ABC.

According to her, each year, with her team, several ideas are discussed talking about what the end of medical production will address. In that context, Vernoff explained that she has had an idea in mind since Season 8. This narrative is already being considered as something concrete for the future.

“I’ve been developing ideas [for the show’s conclusion] since the first few seasons, but whenever I presented them to Shonda [Rhimes], she said we needed to save them for other times,” she revealed.

“We’re now in season 18, a lot has happened since the eighth grade, so the idea of ​​ending has to constantly change,” she added, talking more about her creative process.

“It’s funny that every year, I never know if I’m literally writing the last season of the show,” joked the showrunner. “So I filter out new ideas at the end of every year. If we finished this year, what would happen?” she asked.

Grey’s Anatomy: Learn about the 18th season of the ABC medical series

Launched in 2005 on the network, Grey’s Anatomy became a huge success, mainly because of the charisma of its characters and main cast. Over the years, the production has become one of the most profitable for ABC, with Ellen Pompeo, the lead singer Meredith Grey, being considered one of the highest paid actresses on American television.

Since the 17th season premiere at the end of 2020, many fans have wondered if this would be the last batch of episodes in the production, even more so with so many reunions happening on the scene. The renewal of season 18, however, only proved that there was still a lot of story to be explored.

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