Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: The iconic character that will return with final episodes


Grey’s Anatomy, the long-running medical drama from the ABC broadcast network, is back this week with a rerun of season 18 as it heads towards the end of the installment; but not without first bringing back one of the show’s most iconic characters, the television network confirmed on Wednesday.

It is confirmed that Kate Walsh will reprise her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery for the second time in season 18, in an episode scheduled to air on May 5. The scoop was published by the same actress through the Tik Tok social network and was later confirmed on Instagram by the official Grey’s Anatomy account.

“Clear the halls! Dr. Addison Montgomery will stop by Gray Sloan on Thursday, May 5.”

Addison Montgomery’s arrival with the final episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 could hint that the long-running medical drama is reaching its conclusion. However, at least it is known that there will be one more season of the series so far.

It really is great news to learn that Addison Montgomery is back at Gray Sloan, as Walsh’s character played a pivotal role during the early seasons of the drama and during the first few episodes of the current installment. However, for now the reason that brings her back to continue with stories on the program is unknown.

Recall that Addison stayed on Grey’s Anatomy for three seasons before leaving to star in the spin-off Private Practice; a series that was canceled in 2013 after six installments aired on ABC. But the good thing is that Addison maintains many ties with the characters of the original show, this being one of the reasons that brings her back.

Addison’s return came months after it was announced that Grey’s Anatomy had been renewed for season 19. Loyal fans are also eagerly awaiting the return of other characters from the series’ past, however, we’ll have to wait. the production of the series or ABC confirm if it is really viable.