Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Potential Love Interest for Jo Wilson Coming to Drama


Grey’s Anatomy returned to fans’ screens last week after a two-month hiatus. A new episode of season 18 loaded with a lot of drama, was what the viewers saw who were in a state of shock after the departure of one of the main characters. However, they have just announced the arrival of a new member to the cast.

Airing weekly on Thursdays on ABC, the medical drama is adding another character to the cast for Season 18. With a recurring role, one of the stars of Pitch Perfect and The Extraordinary List of playing Zoey, comes to Grey’s Anatomy to play Todd Eames.

It’s about actor Skylar Astin, who joins the hit medical drama as Eames, a charming and handsome environmental scientist with a kind soul, Variety confirmed on Thursday. The new character will arrive at Gray Sloan to visit his pregnant sister who is a patient of Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington).

This arrival could certainly be getting Grey’s Anatomy fans excited, as they’ll likely be able to see Jo Wilson bonding with the newcomer. And the question everyone is asking is about the possibility of Eames becoming a new love interest for Luddington’s character.

Let’s remember that in Grey’s Anatomy, Jo has been through a lot since Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) left her to leave with Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl). In Season 17, she was in a brief relationship with Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and recently had a crush on Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack).

The series is no stranger to booking big names for a handful of episodes, and Skylar Astin is likely to have plenty of excited fans. His Grey’s Anatomy debut is scheduled to air on the Thursday, March 24 episode. News of the new addition comes as the series prepares to say goodbye to a regular on the drama, Cormarc Hayes (Richard Flood).