Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Meredith and Nick took the next step in episode 13


Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running medical drama of all time on television, continues to roll forward on Thursdays of every week with its 18th season on the ABC broadcast network. The series is showing Ellen Pompeo’s character, Meredith Grey, in a new romantic relationship with Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman), with whom she was reunited in Minnesota at the beginning of this installment. (Spoilers for episode 13)

Grey’s Anatomy fans have witnessed how Meredith and Nick’s relationship has progressed, though she has her family’s residence in Seattle while she relocates to Minnesota due to her engagement to Dr. Alan Hamilton (Peter Gallagher). Now, the good news is that Pompeo and Speedman’s characters just took a big step in her relationship, before she makes the decision on whether or not she’s moving out for good.

Throughout season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy, fans have seen Meredith constantly go back and forth between Seattle and Minnesota, at least twice a week. This is something that worries viewers, who have come to think that it could generate some instability in her relationship with Nick Marsh.

Let’s remember that Nick and Meredith have spent their time between a long-distance relationship, a cabin and hotel rooms in Minnesota. Now, it looks like things are changing, as Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 13, titled “Put the Squeeze on Me” showed Dr. Hamilton asking his staff for a permanent presence after the character’s successful surgery. of Pompeo.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 14 Trailer

Unsurprisingly, this has made Meredith uncomfortable. What she is asking for from Dr. Hamilton would mean that she would have to move permanently to Minnesota to dedicate herself as the director of the Gray Medical Center. Let’s remember that her family and her responsibilities with Gray Sloan are in Seattle.

The truth is that in episode 13 of season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith spoke with Nick and told him that her life in Seattle with her children complicated the job offer made by Dr. Hamilton. Speedman’s character mentioned meeting his children and thinks he knows how they could have a life in Minnesota. Although neither managed to convince the other, the big step came when the episode ended with Nick meeting his children. Grey’s Anatomy fans are predicting on Reddit what Meredith will decide, and that means Nick will end up moving to Seattle with her.