Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Link’s surprise when he saw Amelia and Kai in episode 8


Grey’s Anatomy returned to the fan screens through the ABC broadcast network, with the broadcast of episode 8 of season 18 presenting totally intense moments for several characters, among them Link, who although he is going through his worst moment with Amelia, with what she might accidentally witness when he went to pick her up at the hospital, her future will be turned upside down in the medical drama. [Main spoilers for episode 8 aired on Thursday, December 16]

As previously announced in the promotional video for the eighth episode that aired this Thursday, December 16, the lives of several characters are at stake. On the one hand there are Owen Hunt, who just suffered a car accident, and whose future in the medical drama remains to be seen when the series returns next year.

On the other hand, there is the case of Dr. Levi Schmitt, who due to a hasty decision in surgery, is risking his stay at Gray Sloan. But, the surprise of the night was the one that Link took, who did not expect to see what he witnessed when he went to find Amelia to talk about his feelings.

As fans know, in Grey’s Anatomy Link he proposed to Amelia and she rejected him at the end of season 17. However, so far in the current installment, they had a love reunion on Thanksgiving, but she reminded him that she hadn’t changed her mind. So Link is finally realizing that it is not necessary to get married in order to be next to the person he loves and be happy.

In episode 8 of the eighteenth installment of Grey’s Anatomy, Link is determined to confess this to Amelia; something that he had previously been practicing with Jo Wilson, not realizing that she was deluding herself by thinking that he wanted to be in a relationship with her. Anyway, when he was finally able to get close to Amelia, he saw her that she was with Kai.

Link meets Amelia and Kai kissing in Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 8

It turns out that Amelia finds Kai walking outside the hospital and calms her down by making her imagine themselves in an idyllic setting. “Did you just guide-meditate?” Kai asks, getting closer to her little by little. “It didn’t work,” he says, while with that, Kai and Amelia end up kissing just at the moment when Link is leaving the hospital and he sees them together, as shown in the video, a fragment of episode 8 of season 18 from Grey’s Anatomy.

Let’s remember that the relationship between Kai and Amelia has been working during the most recent episodes of season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy, revealing that there is a more than professional connection between the characters, but also an emotional one. Now it only remains to see how things go from here on, and if Link will follow behind Amelia.