Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Fans believe that Ellen Pompeo said goodbye with this dialogue


Grey’s Anatomy Anatomy is the longest-running medical drama in television history. The successful show that premiered in 2005, has been praised by critics all these years and after so many cancellation rumors, the series was renewed for season 19 while the eighteenth installment is about to conclude at the end of May in ABC.

The 16th episode of the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy that aired this week, fans were witness to the speech of Meredith Grey, the iconic character played by Ellen Pompeo since the first season of the series. Recall that recently, the surgeon received a job offer in Minnesota, and now she made the decision.

In Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith Gray leaves Gray Sloan after so many years of dedication to her job. A place where she met her late husband Derek Shepherd and where she met the best friends she’s ever had. That’s many years of experience working alongside Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), but based on the drama’s story, it’s time to go.

It turns out that on last Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy broadcast, Meredith made a speech about feeling guilty for staying so long at Gray Sloan without going the other way. For some fans of the series, her words felt too real; and there are some who came to believe that Ellen Pompeo was talking about her work situation in the drama that she has starred in for almost two decades.

Importantly, Meredith Grey’s speech was passionate, as she pondered whether she should stay or go after Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey found out she had received a job offer in Minnesota, which ended in a lawsuit from her parents. companions of many years.

“I have the right to go,” Meredith told Nick Marsh. “I have earned the right to leave. Other people in my residency class left and took other opportunities. I stayed. I worked. I investigated. I won awards for that place! I did everything that was expected of me and then some, and now if I want to leave, am I considered disloyal? It’s ridiculous! It’s stupid!

In this vein, some Grey’s Anatomy fans took Meredith Grey’s farewell speech last episode as if it was Ellen Pompeo saying goodbye to the long-running medical drama. This motivated viewers to expose their ideas on social networks.

“Why do I feel like this is Ellen channeling feelings about wanting to leave the show?” a fan asked. “She felt very sincere,” someone else replied.

“I definitely said this when I saw it. That 100% felt like she was talking like Ellen and not Meredith. Haha,” says a third fan.

“I feel like Meredith’s tirade came from a personal place for Ellen Pompeo and her desire to end the show,” one fan theorized.

“Ellen channeled all that anger from when she heard they weren’t actually going to end season 18 into that speech,” someone else added.