Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Another character saying goodbye to Gray Sloan


Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running medical series of all time on television, returned this week with a new episode of season 18 via the ABC broadcast network, and it could have hinted that another of the characters could be about to. to say goodbye to the iconic drama starring Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey.

The most shocking thing is that the actor who could be saying goodbye to the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, has just confessed that he is afraid of the fate that his character will have, since it is the first time that he has moved away from fiction in the five seasons in which who has played his role as the particular Dr. Levi Smichtt.

This is actor Jake Borelli, who gives way to Levi, the character who starred in a complicated plot in the episode of the medical drama that aired last Thursday on ABC, when he lost a patient during his first solo surgery. . Obviously affected by the event, Levi decides to leave the Gray Sloan hospital and his relationship with Nico (Alex Landi), something that fans of the series have been waiting for a long time.

That plot was a real surprise for Jake Borelli, who confessed not knowing what direction his participation in Grey’s Anatomy is going to take, while remembering that actresses like Sandra Oh could afford to leave the program because they already had a consolidated fame. This Borelli told the news portal E! News:

“I’m going to speak from the heart here as an actor. Sometimes when you read a script that says you’re going to leave the hospital, you’re left thinking: ‘What does this mean? Because yes, there are some greats like Cristina Yang, who leave and they come back. But at this point, I’m still worried that Levi doesn’t work at the hospital.”

In that sense, the Grey’s Anatomy actor, Jake Borelli, recalled that Levi has been through a lot, which would justify his determination to separate from Nico, from whom he was enduring countless insults despite how much he loved him according to the story of the drama created by Shonda Rhimes.

Added to this is that the actor who has starred in Grey’s Anatomy since 2015, does not have much positive news about the fate of his character in the remainder of the show’s 18th season. For the fans of the series, they only have to wait a few more weeks, and thus be able to confirm the rumors about his departure or, in the best of cases, deny it.