Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Actor Richard Flood Says Goodbye to Medical Drama


Since last week, Grey’s Anatomy fans have been talking about the hints the show and Dr. Cormac Hayes actor Richard Flood has been making of his possible departure from the medical drama in season 18. However, episode 10 of this March 3 has confirmed the sad news and the star has revealed the reason why he left.

In the previous episode of the medical drama, viewers were not only shocked by the deaths and unexpected twists the show showed, but also by the resignation of Dr. Cormac Hayes, after announcing his intention to return to Ireland. However, some fans thought that things would not happen and would seek to create a new story that would make him stay with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). But, in the chapter of this March 3 of the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy, the sad departure of the character and the actor from him has been confirmed forever.

During episode 10 viewers watched as Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) continued her search to find out what happened in the car after she left, leading her to suspect an argument or accident between Cormac and Owen. (Kevin McKidd). But, before then, Owen reveals to her that he had been helping terminally ill war veterans who wanted to end their lives, which led to her decision.

The secrecy forced Hayes’s hand when he chose to resign from Gray Sloan, faced with the dilemma of having to denounce his friend or become an accomplice. However, during Deadline with actor Richard Flood after the end of the episode, she revealed the reasons why he was leaving the medical drama.

“Having three years on the show felt good to me,”

“But, I think the character arc with all the developments in the story was probably coming to its natural end, which was great. I was very happy that everyone felt the same.”

Let’s remember that Flood first appeared on Grey’s Anatomy in the middle of season 16 and was promoted to regular from season 17. He created a great sentimental connection with Meredith, something that all the viewers of the medical drama hoped to see possible.

Interestingly, in the last scenes of the episode, in the parking lot, Teddy begged Cormac to tell him what her husband, Owen, would not say about their recent car accident. But, since Owen had essentially saved Hayes’s life, she kept her lips tight about what he was doing with the veterans, simply telling him, “Bye, Altman.”

As for what could have happened between Cormac and Meredith, the actor assured that, if he had stayed in the medical drama, perhaps the two characters would have gotten together again. Something that would have been very interesting for fans looking to see what that dynamic could have been. It only remains to wait to see the development of the last 5 episodes of season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy and the possibility of another installment.