Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: ABC Medical Drama Adds New Cast


The series “Grey’s Anatomy,” which follows doctors at Grey Sloan Hospital since its premiere on ABC in 2005, is currently airing with new episodes of season 18. Meanwhile, the family of the series continues to expand with the arrival of a new cast member. from a successful series.

In the episode “Grey’s Anatomy”, which will air on Thursday, March 31, the series tells the story of Meredith Gray and a group of doctors and nurses living in a fictional hospital in Seattle, a new character will appear, which will be associated with one of the most beloved doctors by fans of the program.

The long-running series included the recurring cast of the 18th season of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Rom Flynn, who will play Wendell, the younger brother of Dr. Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill), Variety reported on Tuesday, March 29. A typical younger brother with a mischievous sense of humor, he hopes to impress Winston with his new role as a sales representative at a medical technology company, his description reveals.

No details have been released about the new character’s purpose in the world of “Grey’s Anatomy,” but fans couldn’t be more excited to see the dynamic between Wendell, Winston, and Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) unfolding in the upcoming episode from season 18. .

There is no doubt that Wendell is arriving at Grey Sloan this week, and if the writers have included Flynn in the list of recurring characters from season 18, there is a possibility that his appearance may be associated with other characters besides Winston and his wife. Is he getting involved in a romantic plan with someone?

In this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) will return to work after a terrible accident in which he almost died. Fans will also witness tensions escalate as the shortage of doctors becomes all too obvious, and Grey Sloan has an unexpected visitor, as the synopsis shows.