Grey’s Anatomy season 17: trailer for the drama


The closer we get to the 17th season’s release of Gray’s Anatomy, the more information about it emerges. This time, Shonda Rhimes released a short description of what we can expect from the two – yes, two – new season premiere episodes.

On November 12, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and “The Center Won’t Hold” will be shown, the first two episodes of the new season, which, in addition to addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, will bring a crossover with the other series of the universe created by Shonda, Station 19, which has the premiere of the 4th season scheduled for the same day on ABC.

According to the information, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” will begin a month after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, accompanying Gray Sloan’s doctors in “a totally new world for the hospital and for all of our characters”. But, as is usual in the hospital, patients – in addition to those infected with the coronavirus – will continue to arrive, especially after a major accidental fire, which will cause some victims in Station 19.

In “The Center Won’t Hold”, “Bailey finds himself in the middle of a discussion with the patients’ families, while they await news about their children who were injured [in the fire]”.

Check out the trailer:

The episode will also bring more about Teddy’s affair with Owen. Teddy will discover that his colleagues know about the romance between them – including her boyfriend, Koracick, who learned about Teddy’s betrayal at the end of season 16.

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