Grey’s Anatomy season 17: ready for a comeback?


Speaking to Katie Krause, Sarah Drew, April, opened up about a possible return to the series Gray’s Anatomy she left in 2018

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been holding their breath for quite a while now. Indeed, season 17 would be the last season of the series according to many rumors. In other words, this is the last season of seeing old characters who have left. Like April, played by Sarah Drew.

Precisely, if some dream of seeing Jesse Williams’ “wife” again in the series, they could be disappointed. At the microphone of Katie Krause for ET, the young actress was rather pessimistic about it.

Indeed, a return to Grey’s Anatomy might not be ruled out, however, she would never have had any contact for it: “That’s a difficult question to answer. Because no one has asked me to come back, so I can’t answer them. ”

Sarah Drew assures us that she would not say ‘no’ if the opportunity arose: “All I will say is that I love my ‘family’ on this show. So I would never say no to that possibility, but it didn’t come up. ”

But the fact that she has now been part of Gray’s Anatomy for 2 years has allowed her to devote herself to other projects.


Because yes, it would not sound like that, but in two years, a lot of things can happen. Something that Sarah Drew always proved in the same interview. The latter making it known that she had been happy with her daily life since leaving:

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“I haven’t been on the show for two years. I make my life on the side and I am very happy. I loved my all my years of filming. But I’m also happy to be where I am right now. The Gray’s Anatomy actress, still wishing her former colleagues many more seasons for the show:

“For the sake of my friends, whom I love so much, it would be great if they had more seasons on the show.”

Before concluding: “I love that I’ll always be on Grey’s Anatomy. I love that my character brings so much laughter, joy, tears and drama, and makes you think and struggle with big questions… It’s nice to have had the chance… to participate in something that is so appreciated, so extensive and so persistent. It’s a privilege. Well it really is. “


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