Grey’s Anatomy season 17: Owen ready to forgive Teddy?


Teddy cheated on Owen on Grey’s Anatomy. The two characters may well end up getting back together. Owen has a hard time forgiving Teddy in Grey’s Anatomy. The latter cheated on her and that could end their story on the show for good. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Do Owen and Teddy still have a chance to be happy together? For several years, the two characters have been circling around in Grey’s Anatomy. While Owen was in a relationship with Cristina, Teddy fell in love with him in secret. In fact, it almost broke his love stories several times.

Teddy left Seattle for a while and was never a fan favorite. Nonetheless, she made a shocking comeback in season 16. Indeed, the doctor got pregnant from Owen after spending the night with him in Germany. It took a long time for her to tell him he was the father.

Owen always wanted to start a family in Grey’s Anatomy and therefore did everything to make it work with Teddy. Yet, just before their wedding, Teddy slept with Tom. Amelia’s ex found out about it and ended her engagement. Since then, the two characters have struggled to get along.

Owen and Teddy are really lost on the show and no one knows if they’ll get back together. However, Kevin McKidd still believes in the couple and hopes that his character will mend with Teddy.


Owen actor Kevin McKidd still believes a lot in Teddy and his character. Thus, he hopes that the two doctors will find a way to talk to each other in the continuation of season 17. For the moment, they are having a hard time finding common ground in Grey’s Anatomy and it is weighing down Owen’s morale. .

“I still have hope that Teddy and Owen can get on with it and move on,” the actor said on the Stars in the House TV show. The actor therefore seems very attached to his two characters and wants to see them happy in the rest of the series. Then, Owen might end up really turning the page.

“He’s really hurt, but I think they can find a way to fix their problems. It’s going to need some big conversations, but I mean, they survived the war together so they can get through this new ordeal, ”the actor said for our fellows.

So nothing has been lost between Owen and Teddy yet in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy. We can still hope to see the two characters get together by the end of the season. Nevertheless, one wonders if they will still manage to put aside all their grievances. The story of the two characters has never been easy and Owen finds it hard to be happy as a couple …


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