Grey’s Anatomy: Season 17 May Be Last


The longest-running medical drama series on television, Grey’s Anatomy, has run for 16 seasons since it began in 2005 with Ellen Pompeo as its lead actress.

Recall that ABC’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy will return on November 12, 2020 after a long wait, when production of season 17 was halted in March due to the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, in early September the crew and cast of Grey’s Anatomy returned to the film set, in order to shoot scenes for the next episodes of the next season of the longer-running drama.

Fans of the ABC series have been loyal to Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning. However, the medical drama seems to have its days numbered, so it could close its story with season 17 that is about to premiere.

And is that during an interview with Variety this week, Ellen Pompeo, interpreter of Meredith Gray in Grey’s Anatomy, said that this year “could very well be” the end of the long-running series with its season 17. This said the actress main during the interview:

“We still don’t know when the show really ends. But the truth is that this year it could be.”

“I mean, this is the last year of my contract at the moment.”

“I don’t know if this is the last year. But it very well could be ”.

Recall that Ellen Pompeo signed her contract in 2018 to stay on the show until 2020. However, Pompeo is not confirming that the show is coming to an end, he simply said that there is a possibility that the end of Grey’s Anatomy will be is getting closer.

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