Grey’s Anatomy season 17: Jo still hated by fans!


Fans of the Grey’s Anatomy series still don’t seem to like Jo’s character! We’ll give you more details. Fans of the Greys Anatomy series still don’t like Jo’s character!

The 17 seasons of the famous medical series have made us see all the colors! Indeed fans of Grey’s Anatomy have gone through all the emotions possible and imaginable!

But above all, some are more or less attached to certain characters. It must be said that some of them have been in the series for several seasons.

So Grey’s Anatomy fans have their favorite characters and others they don’t like. Jo Wilson, played by Camilla Luddington has been part of the series since season 9!

Arrived with the new interns, the young woman has become an important character in the show. Today, fans are waiting to learn more about his character in Season 17.


Grey’s Anatomy has been showing on our screens since 2005! So when a new character comes in, fans are sometimes reluctant at first.

This is the case with Jo Wilson. In addition, the latter has a story with Alex Karev, one of the fan favorite characters.

The latter was in a relationship with Izzie Stevens. And the sudden departure of the latter touched the fans a lot. Which makes it even more difficult for Jo Wilson.

On the Reddit forum, fans don’t have Jo in their hearts! Indeed, some Grey’s Anatomy fans find it rigid.

Several Internet users seem to have the same opinion. Some say Jo Wilson is their least favorite character from Seasons 9-13! Another fan even said he hated her!

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For this 17th season, Jo Wilson finally breaks away from Alex Karev. His character therefore seems to take off. So fans are hoping that they can appreciate her character more now that she is no longer attached to her sweetheart. Case to be continued.


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