Grey’s Anatomy (season 17): another actor is back!


Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has some great surprises in store for fans. Another former flagship character will be making a comeback.

Fans of Gray’s Anatomy got to see the first episodes of Season 17. Another former star character is making her comeback. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

After months of waiting, Gray’s Anatomy fans were able to reunite with Meredith and the other characters. Season 17 started a week ago and fans got to see the first three episodes.

This new season promises to be intense as the series features a very topical subject: covid-19. The virus affected many residents of Seattle, and the Gray Sloan had to take in many patients. So Meredith went out of her way to heal them.

Nonetheless, the doctor caught the virus and is at its worst in Grey’s Anatomy. She’s fainted and seems to be having a hard time getting over it. Her colleagues are therefore doing everything possible to treat her, and Zola’s mother is comatose.

Thus, for several episodes, the fans enter the head of Meredith. They had the very good surprise to see Patrick Dempsey again who played Derek. However, another character will make a comeback.


Fans of Grey’s Anatomy have long dreamed of Derek’s return to the show. So they were happy to be able to see him again for an episode. In her dream, Zola’s mother found her lifelong love at the beach and they shared beautiful moments.

However, the doctor is far from being recovered and will still dream a lot in season 17. ABC has unveiled the trailer for episode 4 which will air on December 3. This episode promises to be just as intense as another old character is about to arrive.

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While Meredith will still be very sick, the voiceover teased “Another person from her past is coming back”. So who will the doctor see again through her dreams? Lexie, her little sister who died in a plane crash, could make her comeback!

Lexie was loved by Grey’s Anatomy fans and everyone wants to see the two sisters again together. Especially since Meredith had suffered greatly from the disappearance of her sister. Has Chyler Leigh signed on for a surprise comeback? We will have to wait a little longer to find out!


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