Grey’s Anatomy season 16 deprogrammed and replaced by The Resident!


Ouch ouch ouch… TF1 has just deprogramed Grey’s Anatomy. News that will not delight fans who were happy to find Meredith and the others during the confinement.

Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy has quietly left the TF1 grid. Yes, the medical series goes to the hatch during confinement.

News that will not appeal to fans of the series, who were waiting for the new episodes. Yes, Grey’s Anatomy is therefore replaced by another series of its kind.

This is The Revenent. A series that also takes place in a hospital, but which has nothing to do with it. But why then?

The reason is simple: the dubbing actors are also confined to their homes. They cannot therefore guarantee the voice of the characters.

TF1 therefore had to squeeze the programming of Grey’s Anatomy, to the dismay of the fans. Finally, the series does not stop, and will return very soon.

Pending the dubbing of the episodes, viewers can still console themselves thinly in front of The Revenant. We are moving away from Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital for a while.

And so we join the interns of The Resident. To make it short, here’s the plot: Devon Pravesh, a young idealistic intern, got his start in medicine at Chastain Hospital. But his supervisor, Dr. Conrad Hawkins has his own methods.

In the cast is Emilie VanCamp, who played Emily Thorne in the Revenge series. Next to him is also Matt Czuchry, whom some have known in Gilmore Girls.

If it certainly does not replace the Shonda Rhimes show, this series will not disorient you, if you are a fan of hospital series.

As for when Grey’s Anatomy returns to TF1, you need to be patient. To be continued…


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