Grey’s Anatomy: scenes to go to jail!


Over the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, several characters should have gone to jail after many mistakes! While the doctors at Grey’s Anatomy are doing all they can to save lives, there are times when they’ve gone too far. Some characters should have ended up in prison.

While some have been around for years in Grey’s Anatomy, fans wonder how they managed to avoid jail. This is also the case with Jo. The latter arrived at work drunk.

In Season 15, Jo (Grey’s Anatomy) displayed alcoholism. However, she got nothing. We just asked her to go home, to die. Owen Hunt also narrowly escaped prison.

During one episode, the emergency room had to deal with a very violent patient. The latter did not hesitate to push the doctors. He had gotten out of hand. And hit another patient with his crutch.


Seeing that security was struggling to calm this fellow down, Owen (Grey’s Anatomy) didn’t hesitate to punch him in the face. If the patient wanted to file a complaint, the young man quickly made him change his mind.

Meredith also put her career in jeopardy. In a clinical trial with Derek, she screwed it up. In fact, she turned things around by giving the medicine to Richard Webber’s wife.

During the series, characters also performed unauthorized surgeries on patients. Or their loved ones. However, they managed to keep it a secret. The authorities never disembarked.

On the other hand, Alex Karev almost saw the course of his life change. After beating DeLuca, he could have served 30 years in prison. Eventually, the doctor dropped the trial.