Grey’s Anatomy: Renewal Uncertainties Hit Backstage, Actress Says


Grey’s Anatomy: In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly McCreary, who plays surgeon Maggie Pierce in Grey’s Anatomy, commented that during the filming of the series’ 17th season, many uncertainties about the future of production haunted the backstage.

However, with the official announcement of renewal for more episodes, the actress calmed down to learn that the writers and producers would have more time to develop a satisfactory ending for the medical drama.

“Nobody knew what would happen,” she explained. “And speaking of wild speculation, we were all wondering what the return of all those characters from the past would mean,” she added, recalling the events that marked the 17th-year exhibition.

“What could they plan to end this series that has such a long and historic legacy? On the one hand, it all seemed like a great way to do it,” said Kelly McCreary.

Grey’s Anatomy: Could the series’ 18th season be the last?

During recent times, many speculations have been launched about the ending of Grey’s Anatomy. The last time ABC did its renewal, fans knew they would see at least two more episodes — in this case, season 16 and season 17. However, the coronavirus pandemic may have destroyed some plans and many wondered if it would all end anyway.

“There is still a lot of story to tell and conclude. I was really excited to have the chance to do that or even to continue the story further or develop some more,” revealed the actress. “It’s good to know that we didn’t have an abrupt ending. Honestly, it would have been too abrupt for me,” she concluded.

As much as there are some pending issues related to contractual issues, it seems that the 18th season will be conceived without major problems. And the plot will most likely focus on a post-pandemic world. However, it is not yet known if she is the one who will close the series.

So stay tuned for all the news that should be released soon!


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