Grey’s Anatomy: Production wanted women for Bailey!

The actress who plays Bailey in Grey’s Anatomy could have been different. It would appear that Chandra Wilson was not the first choice.

After 17 seasons, the most famous of the medical series never ceases to be talked about. Today it is the actress Chandra Wilson alias Bailey in Grey’s Anatomy who is therefore at the center of the discussions.

Already 17 years that Grey’s Anatomy mark the fans and the seasons. Even if the series is currently on a long hiatus because of the Covid-19, the followers of the show keep this same passion for Meredith Gray and the other doctors.

In fact, the one who plays the wife of the late Derek Shepherd has found a real family within the former Seattle Grace. Yes, Zola’s mother gave her only son Derek the first name Bailey as her 2nd name. So cute !

Indeed, Meredith Gray has always felt close to Doctor Bailey, who has become Chief of Surgery since Season 12. Proof that Grey’s Anatomy is a great family of doctors.

Indeed, the many seasons of the series can attest to this. The actors remain faithful to the position to the delight of the fans.

After Kevin McKidd, it’s Chandra Wilson’s turn to talk about the series. The one who plays Miranda Bailey, iconic character from Grey’s Anatomy looks back on this role that changed her life forever.

In an interview with Télé-Loisirs, the actress spoke about this and took the opportunity to make some big revelations.

Grey’s Anatomy: the production wanted a white woman for Bailey!

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Miranda Bailey aka the “Tyrant” almost looked quite different. Yep, Chandra Wilson revealed that the production wanted a “white, petite and blonde” woman.

So a person opposite to her, but she therefore completely ignored her criteria to audition for the role. And she seems to have done well! Yep, the Grey’s Anatomy actress also confesses, “I auditioned for everything when I was in New York.”

Subsequently, Chandra Wilson flew to Los Angeles to play and test her role on the set of the Shonda Rhimes series.

Very quickly, she trusted the writers of the series to best embody the character of Miranda Bailey. In fact, she is also very proud to have directed an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Indeed, the actress is hiding behind the episode where a patient suffers from repetitive vomiting syndrome. A plot that she pitched to the production. Just that !

In short, Chandra Wilson has made a name for herself in the medical series even though she was not approached for the role. Today his character has the perfect love affair with Ben Warren.

But it would seem that in the next episodes Bailey is faced with terrible news. Answered on March 11 in Episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy. A new crossover with the Station 19 series.



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