Grey’s Anatomy part ways with a new character?


Will the series Grey’s Anatomy soon separate from one of its characters? We give you more details. A character from Grey’s Anatomy may be leaving the show soon!

Fans of the medical series discovered the first episodes of their favorite show in 2020. But, they were only able to watch 6 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. The coronavirus pandemic has put filming of the series on hold.

Now, the series has been on hiatus since mid-December. Eh yes ! However, it should return with new unpublished episodes on March 4! We look forward.

This 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy promises to be as thrilling as the previous ones. Even if it will only have 16 episodes!

Additionally, the new season touched on the topic of the coronavirus pandemic. We discover how our favorite characters cope with the disease.

But the series has also accustomed us to tragic and sometimes even unexpected deaths. So this time, we’re wondering who we’re going to have to tell god.


For the last 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, we’ve seen some iconic characters from the show. Starting with George O’Malley.

His death shocked fans. On the one hand, because she took them by surprise. On the other hand, because she was particularly violent! Eh yes.

In fact, the latter had been hit by a bus. He was therefore treated like an unknown patient for quite a while. Eh yes ! But Meredith eventually finds out it’s him.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have also seen Mark Sloan leave. He was one of the victims of the plane crash in season 8.

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For this 17th season, fans are therefore convinced that the death of a new character is inevitable. Indeed, on Reddit, some think that it will not be long! Eh yes.

“It is time for some people to leave” we can read. “We haven’t had a death for a while” thinks another internet user. Stay tuned, up close !


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