Grey’s Anatomy: Owen tries to help Teddy in a new episode



Teddy’s (Kim Raver) life has been a roller coaster in the 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy. After a painful breakup with Owen (Kevin McKidd), fans had an ounce of hope for the couple’s return when they worked together to save the life of their colleague, Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), who unfortunately could not resist the injuries.

In a promo released, we can see that Teddy does not know how to deal with the death of his friend:

What can we expect from the 17×9 episode of Grey’s Anatomy?

In the last chapter, we see Teddy trying to deal with DeLuca’s passing. Owen finds the ex-bride sitting on the sidewalk totally in shock and unresponsive. The doctor picks her up and takes her home.

According to what the promo shows, the next episode will focus on Teddy experiencing the trauma. Her guilt seems to have left her in a catatonic state. Owen goes so far as to say that if something doesn’t change soon, he will have to commit her.

The video also shows the doctor hallucinating with the operating room, DeLuca and even Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), who is hospitalized in a coma induced by Covid-19.

Since she was diagnosed with coronavirus, the series’ protagonist has had some encounters with characters who have passed away. Could it be that Meredith’s appearance in Teddy’s hallucination is a sign that her health is more at risk than we think?

The new episode of Grey’s Anatomy will air next Thursday, March 25, on ABC channel.



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