Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith finds lifelong love Derek!


It’s official ! In the next episode of the series Grey’s Anaotmy, Derek will find his love of always, the pretty Meredith Gray!

“It’s really, really happening.” It is with this short sentence that the official Instagram account of the series Grey’s Anatomy unveiled an exclusive new teaser.

In the latter, we therefore see Meredith Gray on a beach. And what the young woman sees is troubling her, and we can understand her.

Indeed, in front of her, the young woman sees Derek, her dear and tender. In fact, the pretty blonde is dreaming from her hospital bed.

The producers of the series therefore decided to revive Derek Shepherd for one episode. For those who remember, the Doctor died after being killed in Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy.


In an interview with Krista Vernoff, the producer of Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, Ellen Pompeo spoke about Derek’s return to the screen. “There have been studies done about our dream life. And during the pandemic, people had much stronger dreams. So we had the idea to make Meredith dream, “said the director.

“I had this picture in my head of a sandy beach for this season, so I called Ellen and asked her if that told her that I was bringing Derek back. It was his idea to bring him back, ”she told Deadline.

Ellen Pompeo has therefore said more about her reunion with the man of her life on screen. “Patrick and I both live in Malibu. And one day we went for a walk and I slipped the idea of ​​our reunion to Patrick. Because it was important for viewers to smile again. In these difficult times, “the actress told Dealine.

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The rest, you know it … Next Thursday, fans of Gray’s Anatomy will find Meredith Gray, as well as Derek in an episode that will make you cry. So prepare the handkerchiefs!


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