Grey’s Anatomy: Marriages that mark forever!


The Grey’s Anatomy series has seen a lot of marriages. We take a look back at these unions that forever marked the episodes of Shonda Rimes’ show.

The weddings in the series are a necessary step. With 17 seasons to its credit, the series Grey’s Anatomy has seen a lot and

We start with the wedding of Cristina and Owen. In season 7 of the Shonda Rimes show, the surgeon unites with Doctor Owen Hunt.

After suffering a trauma, the couple did not wait long to get married. The two lovers will thus get married in Meredith Grey’s apartment.

Another notable marriage in Grey’s Anatomy is that of Callie and Arizona. The two young women have decided to unite in episode 7 of season 7.

The episode was also highly anticipated in the United States. The fans, who have followed the couple’s progress for several months, made no secret of their disappointment when they learned of their marriage.


Another milestone wedding for fans of the series is April Kepner and Jackson Avery. It was in Season 10 that the controversial couple decided to unite.

A marriage that is viewed positively by the fans, who are passionate about the couple. The two lovers are therefore two skinned, but they still decided to unite once and for all.

How to evoke happy marriages without talking about that of Catherine Avery and Richard Webber? The two doctors therefore decided to unite at the end of season 7. An express marriage, but one which fascinated fans of the series.

In season 14, Alex Karev and Jo Wilson decide to get married. The wedding was lavish, and widely commented on social media.

The ceremony was spectacular, and fans were happy to see the couple so in love. After several years of rocking relationships, Alex has finally found the one she’s thrilled with and that’s good.

Another marriage worth seeing on the show is Meredith and Derek’s. One of Grey’s Anatomy most famous couples got married in the last episode of Season 5.