Grey’s Anatomy: Justin Chambers spoke about his new role after Alex Karev


Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running medical drama of all time on television that premiered in 2005 and is still airing on ABC, is wrapping up its 18th season with a finale. scheduled for Thursday, May 26, bringing back two characters from the past.

Throughout its run, the hit medical show has featured many characters. The last member of the original cast to come out of Grey’s Anatmy is Justin Chambers, who was playing Dr. Alex Karev until season 16 of the ABC series, when he abruptly left behind the scenes and said goodbye via letter. .

Without a doubt, Alex Karev is one of the iconic characters of the medical drama most remembered by Grey’s Anatomy fans. Since Justin Chambers left the ABC series in 2020, the actor has not been seen on screen again. However, he star has just returned to television, but with a role very different from the friend of Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) who walked the halls of Gray Sloan for 16 seasons.

Justin Chambers is back as iconic Godfather actor Marlon Brando in streaming platform Paramount+’s new biography miniseries The Offer, which premiered on April 28 with the first three episodes. In a recent interview, the former Grey’s Anatomy actor touched on how different his new role is from Alex Karev.

Recall that the miniseries The Offer tells the story of producer Albert S. Ruddy while developing the famous movie ‘The Godfather’ in the early 70s, where the legendary Hollywood actor Marlon Brando had the lead role. In the miniseries, it is him whom Justin Chambers plays.

“They used to call me ‘Baby Brando,'” he said, according to USA Today. “I looked more like him when I was young and when he was younger. So I hadn’t heard the ‘Baby Brando’ reference in quite some time.”

Justin Chambers also made a comparison between Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex Karev and Marlon Brando’s on The Offer. Two roles that are very different and developed for different programs, but there is no doubt that with his talent once again the former medical drama star did an excellent job. However, he also claimed that he will never measure up to Marlon Brando.

“These are very big shoes to fill. This boy is definitely more handsome, more charming and more talented,” he said. “But I thought, ‘Why not?’ I wanted to push myself and do something different. This was completely new territory.”