Grey’s Anatomy: Jessica Capshaw could’ve played a nurse!


While Jessica Capshaw landed the role of Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy, she almost got the role of Nurse Rose!

Jessica Capshaw is known for playing Arizona in the Grey’s Anatomy series. But before landing her role as head of pediatrics, the young woman almost played a nurse.

Indeed, Jessica Capshaw auditioned to play Nurse Rose in Grey’s Anatomy. However, she was not accepted for this role. A year later, she returned to the same set for a new audition.

Keen to stick with it and star in Grey’s Anatomy, Jessica Capshaw applied for the role of Sadie. As a reminder, the latter was Meredith’s friend. She had an internship role at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Once again, the team did not want her in this role. A disappointment but which allowed him to aim higher. Indeed, the young woman has often repeated that the directors really liked her.


So they gave him another chance. After two failed tries, the pretty blonde finally got the role of Arizona in Grey’s Anatomy. And the least we can say is that she did well not to give up.

Besides, it’s a bad thing for good that she didn’t have the previous roles. Arizona is one of the very important people in the show. Grey’s Anatomy fans love him. His stories with Callie too.

Arizona has represented the LGBTQ + community throughout the series. As a couple with Callie, the two young women were able to get married. They also raised a baby girl, Sofia, together.

As a reminder, Sofia was born from the relationship between Mark and Callie. The latter had a relationship with her best friend soon after her split with Arizona. Finally, the latter recovered with her sweetheart and raised Sofia with all her love.


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