Grey’s Anatomy: Jesse Williams tells his end!


Grey’s Anatomy fans are waiting for the rest of season 17. Jesse Williams has confided in the possible end of the medical series.

In a few weeks, the sequel to Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy will arrive. Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson, opened up about the possible end of the series. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Soon the end of Grey’s Anatomy? The medical series knows some concerns because of the Covid-19. Indeed, fans weren’t able to see all the episodes of season 16. Then, the new season arrived several months late and took a long hiatus over the winter. However, the fans are still there.

The showrunners were able to be forgiven and chose to talk about the virus in season 17. Thus, the Gray Sloan had to welcome many patients and the doctors did everything to treat them. Nevertheless, Meredith ended up having the Covid and found herself in the worst possible way. Doctor comate and it got the fans into her head.

So, during her dozing off, Meredith found her lifelong love, Derek. Patrick Dempsey’s return surprised all fans and they were happy to finally be able to see him again. Then, soon after, the audience got to find George for an episode as well. These cameos delight the public who asks for more.

Still, the return of former Grey’s Anatomy characters worries fans. Indeed, it seems that the production will please the public before the end of the series. And for good reason, Meredith’s condition keeps getting worse and she may well die. Jesse Williams therefore wanted to reassure the fans.

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We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the rest of Gray’s Anatomy Season 17. However, fans can be reassured. Indeed, everything suggests that this season will not be the last. Meredith might get away with it eventually and Jesse Williams is somewhat optimistic about the future of the show.

“I think the series is way too important to go without a real parade,” he told ET. The series has a habit of shaking fans with strong and dramatic episodes. So, according to the actor, Covid-19 is preventing production from coming to a meaningful end.

“It is not the ideal scenario to stop without having warned us in advance and offered a real final season, and when the authors are already overwhelmed and depressed with this frantic race to release content in such conditions” , he added. Thus, everything suggests that Grey’s Anatomy will be entitled to a season 18.

After more than 17 years of existence, Jesse Williams thinks the series deserves a nice ending. Thus, for him, it is clear that the showrunners will take the time to make a final season. “I think they, and all of us, deserve the time and space to plan for the ending,” he said.


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