Grey’s Anatomy: Jesse Williams talks about drama rumors


In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, actor Jesse Williams, interpreter for physician Jackson Avery, from Gray’s Anatomy, answered some questions regarding rumors of the series ending.

Although the 17th season of medical drama has several elements that make the public believe that an outcome is near, Williams believes that the production will not end yet and that, when that happens, the end will be apotheotic.

“I think the series is very important to leave without a grand finale”, he commented during the conversation, adding that all the writers continue to work hard in the development of new episodes. “This is not the ideal scenario”, he argued, stressing that there is a lot of uncertainty behind the scenes.

However, the actor stressed that no official information was passed on to the team regarding the end of Gray’s Anatomy. “I think they [referring to the production] and we all deserve to have time and space to think about how it will all end,” he said. “This is just a way of saying that I hope that doesn’t happen”, he concluded.

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has elements that would indicate the outcome of the narrative

Since it started, in November 2020, the 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy has brought narrative elements to viewers that could indicate that the production was about to be finished.

In addition to incorporating the coronavirus pandemic, the public saw a Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) more vulnerable and meeting, through dreams, with former friends who have passed away.

What has given most to the rumors about the end of the series are the recent statements by the cast, including actress Chandra Wilson, and also the Pompeo contract, which would have recently ended.

In previous conversations, Karey Burke, president of ABC, had confirmed that Gray’s Anatomy would only end when Ellen Pompeo wanted to leave the cast. Is this about to happen?


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