Grey’s Anatomy: It was the episode that shook the fans.


The longest-running medical drama of all time on television, Grey’s Anatomy, returned on November 12 on ABC, loaded with drama and anguish, but mostly with a big surprise; the return of every fan favorite character, Patrick Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd.

As all Grey’s Anatomy fans know, Derek was Meredith’s husband in the medical drama. The beloved doctor also known as McDreamy, culminated her story in a tragic way when at the end of season 11 she suffered a car accident that left her seriously dead.

Many Grey’s Anatomy fans were totally devastated by this impressive event that nobody expected; kill the most beloved protagonist and leaving the hearts of all the regular spectators to pieces.

But, beyond the pain that Meredith caused to have lost her husband Derek in that way and at a time when he was returning for her and her children to reestablish their relationship, which had remained dispersed by the ups and downs of the couple, despite being the longest lasting in the drama, Meredith made the biggest mistake.

It turns out that after the whole episode of Derek’s accident and death was over, Grey’s Anatomy fans took to Reddit to express their feelings about how Meredith failed to notify her husband’s family that he was dying.

In this sense, both the series and the fans were shaken by this attitude of Meredith. On the one hand, most of the viewers did not like Meredith much and expressed their displeasure through the networks; and on the other hand Derek’s sister, Amelia Shepherd also made the claim.

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As fans will recall, on that fateful episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith came to the hospital and spent time with Derek even though he was brain dead; and instead of notifying her family, she was only consumed with pain. Therefore, the family found out after Meredith decided to take Derek off life support.

Consequently, Amelia confronted Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy and complained about not calling her and telling her. Amelia asked with a broken heart when Meredith was informed of the accident, how long she had been sitting in the waiting room and how she could just disconnect Derek without warning.

In this regard, the devastated Amelis also said that she could have saved Derek because he made a living doing miracles. She felt that if she had been the doctor treating her brother, Derek would still be alive.


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