Grey’s Anatomy: Isaiah Washington Returns To Detonating Pompeo And Dempsey


Grey’s Anatomy: Recently, actor Isaiah Washington, famous for playing surgeon Preston Burke in Grey’s Anatomy, returned to quote Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, respectively, Meredith Gray and Derek Shepherd, on his official Twitter account.

When asked by a fan of the series about the real reason for Dempsey’s withdrawal from production in Season 11, the artist hinted that nothing that was released was true.

Apparently, the interpreter of Meredith’s husband was fired for numerous delays in recording the episodes and also for being aggressive with the team.

“Do you really believe that’s why his contract wasn’t renewed? Patrick Dempsey needed coverage,” Washington wrote, taking the opportunity to profile the aforementioned actor. On his social network, he also stated that his former colleague was quite aggressive and yelled at other cast members because he knew he was in charge.

What happened to Isaiah Washington after his resignation from Grey’s Anatomy?

Isaiah Washington was fired from the Shonda Rhimes series on ABC in 2007, as Season 3 drew to a close. His character, a cardiothoracic surgeon, had become involved with Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) and the two were about to get married.

According to what was released at the time, the executive producers were dissatisfied with Washington’s behavior, mainly due to issues related to actor T.R. Knight, interpreter of George O’Malley.

Perhaps for this reason, there was some kind of pain in the production in his career, precisely because, according to him, other people did not receive the same treatment.

On her Twitter profile, there are several derogatory comments against Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Shonda Rhimes and other members involved in the development of the medical series.

“I only had about 7 scenes with Ellen Pompeo in the 3 years I was on the show. Executives told Shonda Rhimes to limit my scenes with her because I had revealed all her mediocre talent,” he shared with her followers.

“Is this the queen the world loves? A white woman who publicly disparages a black male and former co-star? She is crazy and extremely insecure. She’s disrespectful and disgusting, actually,” followed the actor on the social network.

The charges continue in Isaiah Washington’s profile. At the age of 58, his most recent credit was in the Starz series P-Valley, in which Tydell Ruffin, a recurring character in the narrative, lived.

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