Grey’s Anatomy: Is this hatred for Teddy really justified?


Are fans of the popular medical series Grey’s Anatomy right not to like the character of Teddy? We tell you everything.

Is the hatred that Gray’s Anatomy fans have for Teddy really justified?

Teddy Altman is not at the height of his popularity. And the broadcast of this unprecedented 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t really help her.

In fact, in this season Teddy often finds himself the target of sharp criticism from fans. They also know that the young woman is going through a difficult period in her marriage.

Indeed the surgeon has some concerns with her darling, Owen. And for good reason: she cheated on him with Tom, his ex.

Which is a bit of a reason why fans don’t have her in their hearts. In the series Grey’s Anatomy, several characters have actually shown which side they are on!

Teddy’s infidelities therefore does not show her in her best light. But we have to admit that the writers seem to be going after her all the same!

So yes, the series has accustomed us to this kind of rather dramatic fate. But it still feels like he treats his character in a pretty cruel way!

Thus, the character of Teddy becomes very annoying for fans of the series. Are they so angry with him for cheating on Owen?

This isn’t the first in the series to cheat on her partner, though! And we’re pretty sure she won’t be the last either.


Like many of the characters in Grey’s Anatomy, Teddy has not had it easy. The character of Kim Raver appears for the very first time in Episode 9 of Season 6.

Now, 10 seasons later, the young woman is engaged to Owen Hunt. The pretty blonde cheated on her with her ex Tom before telling him that she wanted to marry him ASAP.

An infidelity that fans of Gray’s Anatomy do not seem to forget, nor forgive. Yet the young surgeon is not the first to have cheated on her darling.

We think of Derek Sheperd who cheated on his wife Adisson with Meredith Gray. We are however certain that the fans did not reserve the same fate for him!

Nor to Alex Karev for that matter. The latter had indeed deceived Izzie. Or George who cheated on Callie in the first seasons of the series.

The latter will also be betrayed by his wife Arizona. Definitely! Finally, Teddy’s actions are no more hateful than some of the actions of other characters.

While it’s clear that this doesn’t justify her adultery, fans should still be less harsh on her. Still, Teddy said that fans will understand his character better in season 17. So we can’t wait to find out more. Case to be continued.


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