Grey’s Anatomy: Is Owen ready to get together with Teddy?


Owen and Teddy have a hard time staying together in Grey’s Anatomy. Nevertheless, they could give themselves another chance soon.

Teddy and Owen have a hard time getting along and staying together in Grey’s Anatomy. Yet Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd still believe in this couple. Please note, the article contains spoilers!

Could Teddy and Owen end up together? Teddy has been circling Owen for years in Grey’s Anatomy. Indeed, she fell in love with him when they were in the military together. Then, she was very jealous when the doctor got into a relationship with Cristina and wanted to marry her.

Teddy was therefore never a fan favorite from the start. It must be said that the latter has never facilitated Owen’s love affairs. The character had ended up leaving Seattle and made her comeback in season 16… pregnant! Owen slept with Teddy while he was in Germany visiting him.

It took a long time for Teddy to tell Owen that she was pregnant with him. However, once it was done, the doctor did everything for her and even got very close to her. Besides, they ended up getting together and made a nice little couple.

However, the doctor ruined everything by sleeping with Tom just before his wedding in the season 16 finale. A blow to Owen who ended up finding out and broke up with her. The two characters in Grey’s Anatomy have a past together and everyone still believes in their romance.


Teddy and Owen can’t turn the page, but seem to be doing everything they can to get back together. The fans are also somewhat lost about their relationship. Owen doesn’t feel like he knows her anymore and doesn’t know if he should try to get back with her. “Looks like you haven’t changed. In fact, I never really knew you, “he said.

So, is there any chance Teddy and Owen could get back together in Grey’s Anatomy? For Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd the story between the two characters is far from over. So there would still be hope for the two Gray Sloan doctors.

“Teddy and Owen have been through so much. And listen, Owen wasn’t a Saint. Let’s be honest, the last few years, ”said Kevin McKidd during his time in Stars in the House. So, according to the actor, Owen could end up forgiving Teddy and giving him a second chance.

“I know she really screwed it up! I agree. But, we are humans. This is what has always been shown … our dark side. And with hope, we will show his recovery, ”said Kim Raver. So you just have to wait until March to see the sequel to Grey’s Anatomy. And hope that the two characters finally come to understand each other!


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