Grey’s Anatomy: Inspired by Shonda Rhimes Cristina!


Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the famous series Grey’s Anatomy seems to have a little preference for the character of Cristina Yang!

The creator of Grey’s Anatomy has always been very inspired by the character of Cristina Yang!

Fans of the medical series know her very well, Shonda Rhimes is the creator of their favorite show. Today the pretty brunette is a hit with a new series to air on Netflix. Subscribers were therefore able to discover his new production: The Bridgertons Chronicle. Eh yes !

From the first episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, the director amazes us. Thanks also to a panel of characters as fascinating as each other. Eh yes.

Indeed, Shonda Rhimes knew how to retain its viewers thanks to the personality of its characters. And this since 2005! Just that.

Among the latter, there is one that is particularly dear to his heart. We think of Cristina Yang!

Grey’s Anatomy fans discovered the latter from the very first moments of the series. She will still be leaving the series in Season 11, leaving a big void for fans.

You should know that Cristina was also the best friend of Meredith Gray, the heroine of the series. All this therefore makes it an essential pillar in the show. His departure will be one of the most difficult of the series!

Surely not just for the fans. But also for its designer who is very attached to it! We tell you everything.


In 2016, Shonda Rhimes wrote a book called Year of Yes. The director of Grey’s Anatomy reflects on the process she goes through when creating a character.

And in the medical series, there is one she was particularly fond of! She explains that when creating a character, Shonda Rhimes only writes words on a piece of paper.

The actor then brings his personal touch to it and brings it to life. Eh yes. And what happened with Cristina Yang seems to have exceeded all her expectations. Without surprise !

The creator of Grey’s Anatomy explains that she created Cristina with Sandra Oh. “Cristina was a part of my soul and that of Sandra Oh” she clarifies.

Shonda Rhimes admits that she saw Cristina as an image of herself. Be a woman full of ambition and ready to do anything to achieve her goals.

Unlike her character, Shonda Rhimes was a mother of 3 children. Through Cristina, she therefore wanted to show the life of a young woman who chose a path different from her own.

“I wanted us to find a woman who decided not to comply with the norms of society,” she explains. For Shonda Rhimes, Cristina Yang was more than just a serial character.

“In the most difficult times, writing Cristina Yang made me stronger,” concludes the director. So, thanks to Cristina, the pretty brunette wanted to show that nothing was insurmountable. Eh yes ! And it is not the fans of the series who will say the opposite!


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