Grey’s Anatomy: Heigl’s departure disrupts the series!


In an interview with Variety, the showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy confided that the departure of Katherine Heigl had turned the series upside down!

For seasons, key characters from Grey’s Anatomy have left the show. This is also the case with Katherine Heigl alias Izzie. The latter left a great void in the hearts of fans.

From the very start of Grey’s Anatomy, Izzie Stevens was a much-loved character. His relationship with Alex Karev has been the dream of many. Despite the difficulties, the two had a real attraction for each other.

And the departure of Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy really turned the sequel. It must be said that no one expected his departure. Especially since Izzie still had great things to go through on the show.

In an interview with Variety, Vernoff, the showrunneuse confided how her departure had impacted the series. She revealed, “Of course some of these things changed the storyline.”


The Greys Anatomy showrunner explained, “When we hear that an actor is leaving the show, and you have entered into a marriage, Katie’s departure changed the course of Alex Izzie’s love story. And quite brutally ”.

The young woman also added: quote> “One of the things about working on TV and being a TV writer is that you have to be able to pivot. You don’t have to like to pivot ”.

The screenwriter also revealed, “But you better be prepared to throw it all away. And working all night on a very different story at the 11th hour. Despite everything, the series gave a nice end to Alex and Izzie.

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Indeed, to everyone’s surprise, the actor who plays Alex Karev has also left the series. After years, the young man contacted Izzie again for help. He had a crisis with Jo and no longer knew where he was.

Izzie then confessed to her that she had used the embryos they had frozen. She has twins. Alex then quit his job, his wife Jo and his best friend Meredith. He left to join Izzie and his children in Kansas.


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