Grey’s Anatomy: Giacomo Gianniotti is proud to direct!


Giacomo Gianniotti (or Dr Andrew DeLuca) will direct an episode of the series Grey’s Anatomy. An honor for this 31-year-old actor!

The Grey’s Anatomy actor, who plays Dr. Andrew DeLuca, has just revealed he will direct an upcoming episode of the series.

The latter announced his directorial debut by posting a photo of the episode’s script on his Instagram account. The episode is therefore due to begin filming on Tuesday. Wow!

Giacomo Gianniotti (Dr Andrew DeLuca) in also commented on his journey in Grey’s Anatomy, in the caption of his post. So, he explains that he was in high school when the series first came out. He adds that he never thought he would become a director almost a decade later.

“It was in 2006. I remember it like yesterday. 17-year-old. I was at school. Grade 11 at the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in Toronto, Canada, ”he began.

Before continuing: “The boys and I were driving down to the Sheppard Center for lunch in our collared polo shirts and losing the ties with a bundle of dumos folded three times in the sleeve. I used to grab a slice of pizza at Casa Mana or maybe a blue jones soda from the newsstand if I wanted to. ”

“The boys and I were playing briscola as a team, with our secret signals. And the girls were watching, chewing gum and chatting about the hot latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Graduation was on the horizon. And I had high hopes of breaking into show business … well, just theater … “he adds.

Grey’s Anatomy season 17: Giacomo Gianniotti proud to direct an episode!


“If you had told me then that 15 years later I would be sitting here, in this position, at this age … Living my dreams, doing what I love every day … I would have told you that you are crazy ! Time flies when you’re having fun. Here are 15 more. Who knows where I will be then, “continues the actor (and director) of Gray’s Anatomy.

The latter then thanked everyone who helped him along his journey. “Thanks to Julie Wong for a great script, @therealdebbieallen and everyone at @greysabc whom I love so much. You are family ”, he wrote before concluding:“ Aaaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION! ”

Giacomo was also keen to publish the news in Storie, saying that “it is an honor” to be able to direct an episode of the series Gray’s Anatomy. “See you all in a few weeks,” he added.

FYI, the drama picks up where it left off, with Dr. Andrew DeLuca and his sister, after two kidnapped teenagers meet at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Well…

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