Grey’s Anatomy: George and Izzie are among the hated!


Among the most hated couples on TV, fans voted without hesitation for George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens of Grey’s Anatomy!

Grey’s Anatomy is a series known for its many love stories. Some are striking, while others still leave us misunderstood. This is particularly the case with George and Izzie.

At first, Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy) and George were best friends. The young man had feelings for Meredith while the pretty blonde started a relationship with Alex. But things quickly took a new turn.

When George decided to marry Callie, Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy) became very jealous. She argued very often with George over Callie and vice versa. During an argument with Callie, George decided to go to Izzie’s place.

The two friends got drunk and spent the night together. The next morning, Izzie found herself naked in George’s bed. It took him several days to remember that scorching night.


Upon meeting Callie’s father, George (Grey’s Anatomy) recalled his night with Izzie. After trying to pull away from each other, they shared another kiss in the hospital.

George will then do everything to escape. Eventually, Izzie asked him to stay and confided that she had no feelings for him. At the end of season 3, she finally confesses her love to him.

The two then began a romantic relationship. But nothing was right between them. Finally, they had nothing to do with each other and went their separate ways. Because of this, their beautiful friendship in Grey’s Anatomy fell apart and things got tense between them.

Good news for the fans. Indeed, the latter did not like this love story in Gray’s Anatomy at all. Izzie and George are some of the most hated couples on TV by the way!


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