Grey’s Anatomy: Fans voted the show’s worst episode ever!


After 16 season of Grey’s Anatomy, fans voted the series’ worst episode. One thing is certain, they did not like it at all!

For years now, Grey’s Anatomy has been a hit with fans. However, there are some episodes that the latter did not like at all. They even voted the worst episode of the whole series.

During Grey’s Antomy there were many very traumatic departures. This is particularly the case with the death of Lexie, Meredith’s sister, in a plane crash. But that’s not all. Others have also made an impression.

The episode of Derek Shepherd’s (Grey’s Anatomy) passing really shocked fans. Still, this isn’t the worst episode of the show according to fans. On the other hand, he had the 2nd worst rating with 4.9 / 10.

This is episode 16 of season 16 titled “Leave a Light On” which received the worst rating of all time. Fans only rated 4.2 / 10. And for good reason, this is the very last episode of Justin Chambers aka Alex Karev.

A few days before filming this episode, the young man announced that he was leaving the series for good. A real shock. It must be said that no one expected such a twist.

Especially since he’s one of the longest-serving main people on the show. For 16 seasons, he was present alongside Ellen Pompeo. The two formed an incredible friendship on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.


Now, there are only three characters left since the first seasons. These are Meredith, Miranda and Weber. On the other hand, Alex Karev (Grey’s Anatomy) had a very nice ending according to some fans of the series.

Alex Karev (Grey’s Anatomy) has decided to join his very first love: Izzie. The latter lives with her twins. These are the children of her ex. As a reminder, the young man had frozen his sperm.

He had given permission for Izzie to use it. Something she did. Alex therefore joined his family away from the hospital. Ready to start his life over with the pretty blonde and her children, he left his loved ones.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Alex (Grey’s Anatomy) has completely abandoned Jo and Meredith. They only received a letter from the surgeon. He didn’t want to say goodbye face to face.

And for good reason, Meredith would never have agreed to let him go. And he would have had a big argument with Jo. Not wishing to face things, he chose the easy way by writing a letter.

Now, Gray’s Anatomy fans imagine he has a happy life with Izzie and her children. It remains to be seen if Meredith will hear from her best friend. To be continued!


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