Grey’s Anatomy: Fans of series are worried about Deluca

Danger in Grey’s Anatomy! As the crossover with Station 19 approaches, fans are shaking for Carina and Andrew DeLuca!

Are Carina and Andrew DeLuca leaving Grey’s Anatomy too? As the covid forces the hospital team to face even tougher times than in previous seasons, the Station 19 crossover promises to be terrible!

Because on March 11, the prod brings together its two series for a common episode. The opportunity to find traces of former doctors, to mix up intrigues … But also to put some doctors in serious danger who are not careful enough!

Gray’s Anatomy indeed faces a terrible danger: the kidnapper of two young girls. So for once, the problem is not a disease. But rather a time trial to save two characters.

Except that production is also starting to increase the pressure! She unveils a teaser where fans begin to understand what will await them on March 11. But some are already warning: they could stop watching the series after that!

As usual, the creators of the series have indeed decided to put the heroes in danger. As Meredith continues to dream all over the place, other audience favorites of Grey’s Anatomy find themselves in danger: the DeLucas.

Carina and Andrew have indeed decided to save Jana and Shanice. They therefore set out in pursuit of the kidnapper. But Ben warns them, they should especially not get too close … So this is the highlight of the teaser.

Grey’s Anatomy season 17: fans of the series worried about DGrey’s Anatomy season 17: fans of the series worried about Deluca! Eluca!

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Because the video does not go further! She cuts right away and turns from face to face, from surprise to surprise. Miranda, Owen, Meredith: everyone seems surprised, terrified, lost at the same time. The fans are therefore in turmoil!

Between the stressful music, the acceleration of the images, the underend, and the DeLuca’s mad rush behind the kidnapper, everyone is shaking … But the creators of Grey’s Anatomy have chosen to give their fans the final blow!

As the video goes black to remind the date of the crossover, a voice sends out a terrible message. “Beiley, something happened”. What? When? Whose ? Of course, the teaser is careful not to answer these questions …

Grey’s Anatomy fans find themselves lost. Because the last images show a surprised Ben, and a Carina and Andrew DeLuca in danger. So why break bad news to Miranda? Would her husband also have put himself in danger?

So fans are trembling for some of their favorite characters this season 17. With this teaser, the creators are also making sure to keep everyone going for several more weeks. On March 11, feverish fans will therefore turn on their TV. In the hope of not losing their heroes!



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