Grey’s Anatomy: Fans Have Crazy Teddy Altman Theory!


Do you think Teddy Altman has changed in the last episodes of Grey’s Anatomy? Zoom on the new theory of fans on his character …

New buzz for the Grey’s Anatomy series! Fans have a new theory on Teddy Altman and blame an “evil twin” for his pretty bizarre behaviors at the moment.

The creators and producers of Grey’s Anatomy are no strangers to the sudden character changes in the series! Indeed, it is not uncommon for them to come and go in unexpected ways … Dr Alex Karev, Dr Derek Shepherd but also Dr Teddy Altman are among them!

After being on Grey’s Anatomy from Season 6 to Season 8, Dr. Altman surprised fans when she reappeared in Season 14! And for good reason… Dr. Altman was originally supposed to be a guest character… But his return was unanimous on the web, so his character was promoted to the series regular in season 15!

She is thus involved in many key intrigues of seasons 15, 16 and the current 17th season! This includes navigating the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital without her former colleagues, her pregnancy but also her ambiguous relationship with Tom Koracick… Shock!

But that’s not all ! Fans believe that something has changed in the years that Dr. Altman left the show… Indeed, something is very different between the current Dr. Altman and the one they’ve grown to love in seasons six through eight.


The “new” Dr Altman has therefore become a more complex character than the version that fans saw when he started! Except fans think the Dr. Altman they see today is so different they think it might not really be Dr. Altman … Shock!

On Reddit, therefore, a Greys Anatomy fan said that there was no “plausible” explanation! Dr. Altman acts and behaves differently than she was before …

Unsurprisingly, he points out how the current version of Dr. Altman makes rash and illogical decisions! She begins relationships with people she would never have dated before … She sulks and feels sorry for herself in a way the original and daring character never would …

“This teddy-like female shell all this time has actually been Teddy Altman’s devilish, deranged twin,” he asserts before explaining that “stranger things have already happened” in Grey’s Anatomy!

Within hours, dozens of other fans confirmed his theory! “Absolutely” replied one fan or “They made him unrecognizable. »Wrote another Internet user.

And you, what do you think of this crazy theory? Tell us everything!


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