Grey’s Anatomy: expected “intense” episodes in the movie!


In an interview with Deadline, the showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy made confidences about the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy!

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has started off pretty intensely. And the least that can be said is that the episodes to come may be too. Fans can’t wait to hear more about the sequel.

In an interview with Deadline, the Greys Anatomy showrunner said, “These were really heavy episodes. And we also have some pretty intense episodes coming up early in the year. ”

Krista Vernoff (Gray’s Anatomy) also added, “We started our season in April 2020. And we are as honest and genuine and as deep and faithful as possible”. She gave other info.

The young woman explained of the series: “What it means is that we have to find our hope. And our joy. Our silver linings, our humor, our sexy. And our romantic within the parameters offered by 2020 “.


Krista Vernoff (Grey’s Anatomy) also provided her thoughts on the pandemic. She said, “I am hopeful about a vaccine. I hope people start to take the pandemic seriously. I hope they start to wear masks. ”

The showrunner also said, “I hope we can depoliticize this thing. And quite simply take care of ourselves, of each other. And our healthcare workers ”.

She also added, “One of the ways Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 are contributing to this is by living inside the pandemic. Rather than jumping into an idealized post-pandemic world ”.

Finally, the screenwriter revealed, “So I have another turn of hope this year.” One thing’s for sure, fans can’t wait to hear more about the rest of the series.

We will have to wait until next March before we know more. Case to follow!


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