Grey’s Anatomy Ending Theory: Meredith Replaces Webber in Grey Sloan


Although it is unknown when “Anatomy of Passion” will end, there are already many theories about how it will end, and one of them suggests that Meredith Gray will replace Richard Webber — but will this be a suitable ending for Meredith after all she has been through? passed? Since its premiere on ABC in 2005, “Anatomy of Passion” has become one of the most successful and beloved medical dramas in recent years thanks to a combination of drama and comedy, as well as a more intimate approach to the stories of hospital staff and their numerous relatives. patients.

Like any other medical drama, “Anatomy of Passion” tells about the lives of surgical interns, residents and attending physicians who do everything possible to combine their personal and professional lives, and they often overlap and create a lot of drama inside and outside the hospital. “Anatomy of Passion” is headed by Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), who started her career as an intern along with many other fan-favorite characters such as Kristina Young (Sandra Oh) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). Meredith, along with Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), is one of the characters who has been in “Anatomy of Passion” since the first season, and she is expected to be there until the very end.

Although “Anatomy of Passion” is one of the most popular TV shows in recent years, its quality has been deteriorating for some time, but it has already been confirmed that the series will continue with the 19th season. However, the events of season 18 have once again sparked rumors that “Anatomy of Passion” is about to end, and along with this, many theories have emerged about how the series will end Meredith’s story, and one of them suggests that she will take on Richard. Webber, bringing Grey’s Anatomy to a full and nostalgic circle, although this may not be the best for Meredith.

Grey’s Anatomy Theory: Meredith Replaces Richard Webber

There are many theories about how the “Anatomy of Passion” will end—some include Meredith, others don’t—and while some are gloomy and depressing, others lean more towards a nostalgic atmosphere. One of them (posted on Reddit) suggests that Meredith will eventually become the head of surgery at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, thus taking the place of Richard Webber. The author of this theory suggests that the final scene in “Anatomy of Passion” will be Meredith giving the same speech that Webber gave to her and her fellow interns in the first season, thereby giving the audience a very emotional full circle moment. Among the most popular theories about how “Anatomy of Passion” will end is one that suggests that Webber’s retirement will be the final event of the series, as it will allow the writers to bring back some favorite characters, such as Kristina, Karev and even Izzy Stevens. (Katherine Heigl), and Meredith taking his place will be the culmination of all her training and hard work over the years.

This theory can also merge with others, such as the one that suggests Meredith’s daughter, Zola, will become a resident of Grey Sloane, although it can also lead to some of the saddest theories, like Zola trying to find a cure for Meredith’s Alzheimer’s disease. . On the other hand, the theory itself doesn’t explain what will happen to Webber—if he retires, gets a job at another hospital, or dies, since “Anatomy of Passion” is notorious for killing beloved characters—and while Meredith takes his place in Grey Sloan, there would certainly be a very emotional moment that would have paid off all her hard work and completed her story full circle, it wouldn’t have been the best ending for her.

The problem with Meredith taking Webber’s place

Although Meredith, who took Webber’s place at the end of “Anatomy of Passion”, is one of the happiest endings that can only be, for Meredith he is still not entirely happy. During the 18th season of “Anatomy of Passion”, it became clear that in order for Meredith to have a really happy ending, she must leave Grey Sloan and Seattle. Meredith was close to finally leaving and starting a new chapter in her life in Minnesota with Nick (Scott Speedman), but she was brought back to Gray Sloan as the hospital’s only hope to save him and the residency program. In addition to this, Meredith hallucinated her mother Ellis (Kate Burton), who appeared to criticize her actions and decisions, but never appeared while Meredith was in Minnesota. All of this indicates that Meredith’s best ending was away from Gray Sloan and Seattle, as there is a lot of pain associated with these places after everything Meredith saw and lived there.

If Meredith takes Webber’s place, it will tie her even more to Gray Sloan and Seattle, which will prevent her from getting a truly happy ending.