Grey’s Anatomy: embarrassing Meredith and Jackson scene


Jackson and Meredith don’t talk to each other much in Grey’s Anatomy. Still, fans loved a scene between the two characters.

Grey’s Anatomy fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of Season 17. A rather embarrassing scene between Meredith and Jackson made the audience laugh a lot. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Fans of Gray’s Anatomy were able to see the first episodes of season 17 a few months ago. The new season arrived several months late due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, the production has been able to be forgiven very well with the return of certain key characters.

The new season highlights the Covid-19 and doctors in Seattle have had to treat many patients. Nonetheless, Meredith ended up catching the virus and is in dire straits. Thus, she is hospitalized and the fans can enter her head during her moments of dreams. Thus, they were able to see Patrick Dempsey again.

Derek, Meredith’s lifelong sweetheart, returned for a few episodes. Fans were very happy to be able to see this character again. In fact, Patrick Dempsey has already teased that he will make a few appearances again in the rest of the episodes. Then, fans can expect to see more characters arrive.

Meredith seems to get along well with all the doctors in Grey’s Anatomy. Still, fans regret that she didn’t interact with Jackson more. Indeed, an embarrassing scene between the two doctors made them laugh a lot and they ask for more. So what is it all about?

Grey’s Anatomy: this embarrassing scene of Meredith and Jackson is unanimous!


There are friendships in Gray’s Anatomy that we don’t see and that’s a shame. So, audiences would like Meredith to be closer to Jackson on the show. Especially since Jackson’s mother has been in a relationship for a few years with Richard, Meredith’s mentor. Besides, it always made the fans laugh.

Indeed, in episode 3 of season 9, titled “Love the one you’re with”, Jackson discovered that his mother was in a relationship with Richard. The intern was in shock and didn’t hesitate to talk to Meredith about it just before an operation. “The chef slept with my mother,” he told her very embarrassed.

Still, Meredith didn’t get it all and figured Catherine slept with Owen Hunt. And for good reason, at that time he was the chief of surgery. A more than embarrassing situation for the two doctors. “Webber! Doctor Webber slept with my mother, “Jackson corrected very quickly.

Meredith then simply replied that Webber had slept with her mother in the past as well. The scene caused a lot of laughter among the fans who loved the very unusual exchange between the two doctors. “They’re really hilarious together,” one fan said on Reddit. “I love their little moments together,” wrote another Grey’s Anatomy fan.

Thus, the latter expect other small moments of exchange between Meredith and Jackson in Grey’s Anatomy. The two doctors are after all part of the star characters of the series!


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