Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo Was Shocked By The Series’ Scene; See Which One!


Grey’s Anatomy: Recently, during an episode of the Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo podcast, the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy revealed to her guest, Rachel Lindsay, from the reality show The Bachelorette, that she was extremely annoyed by a scene from the medical series.

According to Meredith Grey’s interpreter, when her character discovers that Derek Shepherd (played by Patrick Dempsey) is married to Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), she begs the neurosurgeon to love her and not abandon her. In this way, Pompeo told the listeners that she did not want to film the scene in question.

“I show up crying [in the scene] because I couldn’t believe I was on television begging a man to love me,” the actress argued, noting that the sequence became one of the most remembered by fans of the ABC production.

“I love you. In a really, really big way. Pretend I like your musical style, let you eat the last bite of cheesecake. Unfortunately, the things that make me hate you, make me love you too. So have me. , choose me, love me,” Meredith pleads with Derek during Season 2’s 5th episode.

Grey’s Anatomy: Learn about the iconic scene from the medical series

According to Ellen Pompeo, Stella, her 12-year-old daughter found the scene being shared by TikTok on one occasion and asked her about the fact that she was asking a man to love her, given that the young woman had never seen the series. . The artist revealed that she had no reaction to this event and didn’t know what to say.

Both Pompeo and Lindsay said that what was in the script could also happen in real life, mainly because they knew some women who had already put themselves in situations similar to Meredith’s. Apparently, the actress does not like this moment of the series and criticizes it at every possible opportunity.

Next week, Grey’s Anatomy returns from its hiatus with a new episode for its 18th season. Don’t miss it!